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Editor's Note: Congratulations To the FTTH Top 100 Companies

Some trends gleaned from Broadband Communities’ 2018 Top 100 list

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Bandwidth Hawk: CAF II Reverse Auction Heads for (Modest) Success

Auction winners will likely serve between 200,000 and 400,000 rural households and businesses – at best, about 40 percent of those eligible.

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The Next Big Thing Is … 6G!

Stories in the popular press often fuel clients’ concerns about broadband. Multifamily providers should always address these concerns seriously, even if they appear unfounded.

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Communicating With Multifamily Community Members

Technology offers options for communicating with residents and prospective residents efficiently and effectively.

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New Gadgets for the Digital Lifestyle

The consumer tech industry celebrated its mid-summer product launches at CE Week. Our reporter checked out all the new gadgets so you don’t have to.

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The Case for Fixed Wireless

When the economics of fiber to the home don’t work, fixed wireless may provide an acceptable alternative – and sometimes serve as a transition to an all-fiber network.

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2018 Fiber-To-The-Home Top 100

Fiber-to-the-home leaders and innovators for 2018

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News From Fiber Connect

The Fiber Broadband Association’s annual conference, held in Nashville in June, offered many fiber community success stories.

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Conduit Infrastructure Provides Base for Smart Grid And Broadband Access

The municipal utility in Estes Park, Colorado, solved a difficult fiber deployment challenge by using aerial conduit with multiple pathways for its smart grid. Now, if the town decides to build an FTTH network, the conduit is ready and waiting.

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Q&A With Colin Garner, Wolf Line Construction: Do's and Don'ts of Aerial Fiber

Aerial fiber deployments are attractive because they are less expensive than underground deployments, but there can be hidden traps. Here’s some advice about doing aerial right.

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The Customer Experience Imperative

Providers must amplify subscriber experiences to support connected homes and monetize gigabit broadband.

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Make the Right Connections

Each segment of a fiber network has its own challenges and requirements, and each demands its own type of closure.

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