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Editor's Note: Is Fiber Too Expensive?

Communities need to take all the costs and benefits into account – and if the answer is “yes,” they need to revisit the question every few years.

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Bandwidth Hawk: Show Me the Rural Money

Regulations for spending the $600 million appropriated in March for rural broadband will be slow in coming. Here’s why.

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Should the Bulk TV Cord Really Be Cut?

As TV viewers’ preferences change and traditional bulk pay models decline, broadband providers must adapt and embrace new opportunities to offer bulk TV in the age of the internet.

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Fixed Wireless in Multifamily

What are the opportunities, roadblocks and future paths?

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Children’s Videos: Not Just Kid Stuff

Digital culture embraces movies, TV, games, music, virtual reality and online viral hits. The blurring of the lines, the proliferating remixes and the cross-platform references don’t faze today’s digital-native kids.

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Leveraging an ISP’s Experience For Community Broadband

Many community fiber networks now outsource service provision. Here are some guidelines for making such a relationship a success.

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California Dreaming: Mayumi Hotel, Culver City, California

Is it a hotel? A dormitory? A co-living space? Whatever you call this new micro-community, gigabit connectivity is an essential amenity. Our thanks to Alexander Bird, co-founder of Mayumi, for his help in gathering the information for this profile.

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Connecting Underground In a City That Never Sleeps

Thanks to an innovative public-private partnership, New York City subway passengers finally have cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity in the stations.

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What Is the ‘Ammon Model’?

Ammon, Idaho, is treating fiber network infrastructure as a utility – to the benefit of residents, providers and the municipality itself. Is this small town demonstrating the future of broadband?

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Climate Change, Outages And Networks

As the frequency and force of storms increase, network operators need to prepare for recovery of essential broadband service. Fiber is an important part of the equation.

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Federal Funding For Rural Broadband

If you’re wondering which rural broadband funding programs to apply for – or which will solve the rural broadband problem – here’s a brief primer.

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Putting the Gigs to Work

Highlights of the 2018 Broadband Communities Summit held in May in Austin, Texas

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New Education Initiatives Drive Fiber Demand

SXSW EDU 2018 made clear that as education technology advances, the demand for fast, reliable broadband will continue to grow.

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