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Editor's Note: Only Connect

Broadband should bring people together, not drive them apart.

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Bandwidth Hawk: FCC’s RDOF Auction Dissected

More than 5 million premises are likely to get broadband connectivity, but for some, it may not be as good as promised.

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On to Bigger and Better Things

As UpStream Network becomes part of Single Digits, the company becomes part of a large, well-capitalized organization that will be better able to serve current and future clients.

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Multifamily Broadband Council Transitions Its Membership to WISPA

Synergies between the organizations made the choice a natural one.

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Building a Foundation for a Broadband-Enabled Smart Community: The Reef at Winkler

The Reef at Winkler, a new luxury multifamily community owned by MJ Development Southeast and managed by Greystar in Fort Myers, Florida, leverages Boingo Wireless managed Wi-Fi services to deliver consumer broadband and smart-community applications. Our thanks to Matt Valentine, a partner at MJ Development Southeast; Ben Vander Velden, senior channel manager at Boingo Wireless; and Layne Spencer, vice president of sales and marketing for IOTAS, for helping assemble this profile.

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Fiber Trends: What 2021 Promises For the Broadband Industry

The 2021 broadband plans of incumbent telcos, independents, cable operators and electric co-ops will have a ripple effect on consumers and businesses.

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Digital Disruption, the Pandemic And What It Means to Carriers

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven carriers to provide the platform for essential services such as telehealth and e-commerce, but providers must increase capacity and advance automation to keep pace with demand.

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Q&A with Gary Bolton of the Fiber Broadband Association: On Making Fiber-Based Broadband the Nation’s Priority

The new head of the Fiber Broadband Association shares his vision for the industry.

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Fiber’s Community Presence Transforms Consumer, Business Opportunities

The first virtual edition of the Fiber Broadband Association’s annual conference, Fiber Connect, held in December, showcased many fiber community success stories and a variety of innovations that promise to expand fiber deployment. The show highlighted how communities are banding together and working with state and federal agencies to build out broadband in underserved communities. It also brought to light the need to increase bandwidth and provide flexible service during the pandemic, along with the problem of permitting obstacles and other challenges.

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A Broadband Policy Agenda for the New Administration

The digital divide has held back the United States for too long. Now is the time to end it.

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25G PON: The Future of Broadband

As the broadband industry looks to transform fiber to the home to fiber to everything, the advent of 25G has the potential to play a key role in connecting consumers, enterprises and cities and accelerating 5G.

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The Year Ahead in Telecom

5G may continue to grab headlines in 2021, but the telecom industry will be dominated by the edge and by automation, enabling service provider networks to adapt to shifting traffic and usage patterns.

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A Service Provider’s Guide to the Three Changes in Wi-Fi

A group of new innovations – including Wi-Fi 6, 6 GHz spectrum and Wi-Fi 7 – will open new opportunities for delivering and supporting Wi-Fi services over the next three years.

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Changes in the Geospatial Industry Will Transform Broadband

Augmented reality, reality capture, computer vision, and machine learning will automate data capture of physical broadband infrastructure for service providers.

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