Submission Guidelines

Anyone interested in submitting an article is encouraged to review our Submission Guidelines below and forward an abstract to the editor.

Audience: Real estate developers, technology providers, municipalities, property owners and managers, town planners, multi-family dwellings, economic development professionals, telcos and utilities, school district IT personnel, campus technology officers, and other buyers, decision-makers and influencers.

Deadlines: General deadlines are the first of the month for the following month's issue (Example: June 1 deadline would be for a July issue). If for any reason authors feel they are running late, then please keep the Editor informed as to your progress.

Topic: Topics will be discussed and approved prior to submittal. Abstracts may be submitted at anytime for consideration.

Length: Articles need to be at least 1,500 words with a max of 2,700 words. Columns should be 800-1200 words.

Format: Microsoft Word preferred:
1. Prepare Tables or charts as separate sheets.
2. Remove hard returns, except to indicate paragraphs.
3. Remove all headers and footers, multiple spaces or tabs, and multiple columns.

Graphics: Graphics or photos need to be Print Quality (300 dpi) and in JPEG or TIFF format if provided digitally. Also, please be sure graphics are NOT merged or embedded into another document such as Word.

Content: We ask you stay away from promoting your company and present articles as educational pieces incorporating the strategies, techniques or technologies are your area of expertise. Text too promotional in nature will be edited out prior to publication. Articles too promotional to be edited will be returned unpublished.

Author: Please submit an email address with the author's name and title along with a sentence or two on the company. Author's photo is optional.

Policies: Broadband Properties expects a minimum of two-weeks notice if for any reason authors are not going to make the agreed upon deadline. It is our policy that contributing authors, or agencies acting upon an author's behalf, that miss their deadline without proper notification will not be invited to contribute to this publication again in the future.

Ownership/copyright: All articles submitted to Broadband Communities Magazine become the exclusive property of Broadband Properties LLC upon publication. Authors may only reprint or reuse published articles with written permission for the publisher.

Questions: Please direct any editorial questions to Sean Buckley, or 978-729-2808.

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