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Owning a multifamily community requires making many decisions to provide residents with the best living experiences. These choices become more complicated as technology is increasingly embedded into people’s lives. Supporting residents’ video consumption and their adoption of smart devices demands careful consideration of the type of network you implement and the providers you use.

An IP network is a superhighway for the internet functionality multifamily residents want, now and in the future, and may even influence their choice of a next home. They don’t just want access to high-speed internet and reliable Wi-Fi for web surfing and email; property amenities such as smart package lockers and smart parking, along with the exponentially growing demand for online video, all require a strong IP network.

Though an IP network supports a wide array of technology used on a property, the No. 1 data-consuming application is video. This includes user-generated content, such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram; on-demand streaming video, such as Netflix and Hulu; and live OTT video services, such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

Ensuring that a property has the right IP network to support emerging technologies, video consumption and rapidly changing resident demands often means choosing a provider that understands these trends and delivers the services residents expect.

When choosing an IP network provider, consider quality and speed of service, reliability, customer service and price. Innovation and flexibility are also important as providers should be able to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of properties and residents.

Some property owners believe their options for IP network providers are limited to the incumbent franchise cable company or local telephone company. However, there are other solutions to consider. Property owners can choose to work with private cable operators and other competitive providers that utilize equipment from vendors such as Televes, Ubiquiti, ATX Networks and Blonder Tongue to optimize such technologies as active Ethernet, GPON and These companies offer solutions that empower properties and the providers that serve them to deliver affordable, efficient amenities.


Though residents are using more IP-based video platforms to consume video, many still want the full experience of a traditional pay-TV provider. Access to traditional pay-TV services has often posed a challenge for communities whose owners want to work with IP-based service providers or, in the case of new construction, want to streamline their infrastructure to a single physical network. However, service providers constantly adapt and innovate to provide the best living experiences in MDUs, and they are finding a variety of ways to deliver internet and video over the same physical network.

One innovation due to arrive later this year is the DISH IP distribution solution for satellite service. This will allow a single, centralized satellite dish at a property to provide service to all residents over the property’s IP network, eliminating the need for individual satellite dishes or a separate coax network for video – which means residents will not be reliant on coax connections to watch TV.

This solution and others provide residents with the services they want over a simplified, effective IP network while reducing capital and operating expenses. With less need to deploy and manage multiple networks in a community, significant cost savings abound, particularly for new construction projects.

Private cable operators and IP network providers come in many different shapes, sizes and capabilities. As with any decision for a property, it’s important to research and consider options to help make informed decisions. Questions to consider: What services are important to your residents today? What will they want in the future? How do (or can) you use technology to differentiate your property? Is your current provider meeting your residents’ needs?

Understanding available technologies can be a challenge for even the most tech-savvy owners, but the right network is critical for residents, and partnering with the right provider will help ensure success.


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