Hot Products: 16th Annual List of Leading Broadband Technologies & Services

The latest offerings from top broadband hardware and software suppliers, distributors and service providers.

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350 Market Street NE
Decatur, AL 35601
P: 256-560-0744
Contact: Kyle Siniard

Customers: Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities
Products/Services: Back-Office Software

Introducing WebJS by 3-GIS

 WebJS is the next generation of our award-winning fiber management software. WebJS will provide users the ability to simultaneously link any number of data sources to give them the information they need to design and manage their networks more efficiently. 3-GIS WebJS mobile and admin applications create a one-of-a-kind fiber management system that works the way you work.

With 3-GIS Web JS, you’ll get premium features like:

  • Optimized windows management
  • Integration with Esri ArcGIS Online
  • Drag-and-drop data viewing and database import
  • Google Streetview integration
  • Prospector (automated route planning)
  • Charting


2601 Northwest Expressway, Suite 405W
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
P: 405-843-9966
Contact: James Lightfoot

Customers: Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops, WISPs
Products/Services: Planning, Design or Construction

 ACRS is a national engineering firm with 30 years of experience in the design and construction management of telecommunications and broadband networks, including FTTx and wireless technologies. Commencing with our comprehensive business plans and financing acquisition, ACRS offers complete turnkey solutions. ACRS is also recognized as a national leader in the acquisition of low-interest loans and grants for broadband networks.

Some of our services include: feasibility studies, business plans, initial planning and cost estimating, GIS and AutoCAD-based mapping, site acquisition, public and private right-of-way permitting, environmental clearances, inventory management, wireless and FTTx design, construction management and as-built records.

From the most rural parts of our country to the largest metropolitan areas, ACRS provides the highest-quality designs at competitive rates.


901 Explorer Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35806
P: 256-963-8000

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline; Passives – Inside Plant; Customer-Premises Equipment; Other Managed Services; Planning, Design or Construction

 The ADTRAN SD-Access solution powered by ADTRAN Mosaic offers operators an ultra-agnostic network model transparent to access technology, chipset and media (fiber, copper, coax, wireless). ADTRAN Mosaic cloud platform is equally applicable to designing, delivering and maintaining disruptive business, residential and infrastructure backhaul services and supports traditional, modern and next-gen technologies, services or management implementations. ADTRAN SD-Access solutions are natively integrated into an open microservices architecture that spans the entire network from cloud edge to subscriber edge, from data center to device. It is also the industry’s most complete solution for cloud edge to subscriber edge connectivity featuring an open SDN controller, orchestration, modular OS, and programmable physical and virtual network functions. For more information, visit

Advanced Media Technologies (AMT)

3150 SW 15th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
P: 954-427-5711
F: 954-427-9688
Contact: Rob Narzisi

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline; Video Headends and Related Equipment; Passives – Outside Plant; Passives – Inside Plant; Customer-Premises Equipment; Test Equipment; Passive Optical LAN; Test Equipment; Planning, Design or Construction

 AMT offers ARRIS’s new Touchstone CM8200. This ultra-fast DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem allows unprecedented data rates to be delivered to MSO customers. The CM8200 is designed to easily deploy Gigabit+ data services. Switchable US and DS filters are designed to produce superior RF performance while reducing interference in the home network and allowing the flexibility required for an MSO to transition from DOCSIS 3.0 to DOCSIS 3.1. Increased DRAM and Flash allow new applications to be deployed on the modem. This feature-packed unit is intended to serve as the hub of the subscriber’s network, connecting all IP-capable devices (internet, data, voice and video) throughout the customer premises. For more information on the ARRIS CM8200, including pricing and delivery, contact AMT at 888-293-5856.


170 Ridgeview Center Drive
Duncan, SC 29334
P: 800-235-3423
Contact: Kevin Clayton

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside-Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment, Structured Wiring, Passive Optical LAN, Test Equipment, Training

 Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) with SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) is an ultra-high-density outside-plant cable designed specifically for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or access markets. It is compliant with the latest issue of the outside-plant cable standard, Telcordia GR-20. With ultra high density and a new ribbon technology called SpiderWeb Ribbon, Wrapping Tube Cable has the smallest diameter, lowest weight and highest fiber count in the industry. The cable is available armored or not, with fiber counts from 144 fibers to 1,728 fibers.

SWR is a bonded fiber ribbon design allowing for highly efficient ribbon splices or an individual fiber breakout splicing process. This flexibility allows for a single cable design to cover a diverse set of applications, from access networks to high-fiber-count mass fusion splicing. With the ability to roll and conform, the SWR provides for ultra-high-density packaging in the WTC.


225 W. Randolph Street, Suite 17B170
Chicago, IL 60606
P: 312-704-7696
Contact: Todd Flack, AVP – Connected Communities

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/ Programming

 The future of the internet is here.

Introducing AT&T Fiber, 100 percent fiber technology directly to every unit.

Residents with access to an AT&T Fiber network will experience fast like never before. Ultra-fast internet connection features our fastest upload and downloads speeds with reliability your residents can count on. Plus, the latest Wi-Fi technology lets them enjoy our best in-home experience with faster Wi-Fi speeds and expanded coverage to easily connect all their devices.

We’ve already launched our ultra-fast internet service in 51 of the nation’s metro areas, with plans to expand into many more.


16305 36th Ave N., Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55446
P: 828-244-1359
Contact: Carl Meyerhoefer, Sr. Solutions Marketing Director

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline, Active Electronics – Wireless, Customer-Premises Equipment, Back-Office Software, Customer-Facing Software

 The 844FB GigaCenter featuring Carrier Class Wi-Fi and the 801FB GigaPoint are the world’s only premises solutions that support bonding and a full symmetrical gigabit throughput. Calix has expanded its industry-leading family of AXOS solutions to support a true gigabit experience by leveraging the existing copper infrastructure within an MDU. Cutting-edge Collective Dynamic Timing Allocation (cDTA) technology has been added to the industry’s only bonded portfolio, delivering the world’s first symmetrical gigabit speeds over copper loops lengths up to 240 meters. An ideal solution for MDUs passed by fiber infrastructure, this unique combination of technologies and solutions from Calix puts the promise of gigabit speeds within reach of millions of new subscribers around the globe. Since Calix solutions are built on AXOS, the world’s only true Software Defined Access architecture, they can be implemented into existing networks in a fraction of the time of traditional solutions.

Charles Industries

5600 Apollo Drive
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
P: 847-806-6300
Contact: Brad Wackerlin

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment

CMPH Fiber and Copper Multi-Purpose Housing

 The new 8500 Series of Charles Multi-Purpose Housings (CMPH) offers a large-capacity extension to the popular and widely deployed CMPH line. A versatile enclosure designed to environmentally protect copper, fiber and other equipment typically deployed in the outside-plant environments, the CMPH 8500 is suited to new provisioning installations as well as rehabilitation of existing access enclosures. It offers a generous 27,000 cubic inches of internal volume – enough for more than 5,000 copper pairs or sealed fiber terminals with slack storage – in an above-grade, dry, clean, easy-to-work-in enclosure versus deploying a handhole. Features include two-piece dome and choice of offset fiber bracket or copper ladder bar bracket.


7050 Winnetka Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55428
P: 763-476-6866
Contact: Tim Kjolsing

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Passive Optical LAN, Optical Fiber and Cable

FieldSmart Mini FEC Wall Box

When an application requires splicing fiber from outside to inside and wall-mount space is a concern, the Mini FEC is the answer. Compared with other FEC solutions in the marketplace, the Clearfield Mini FEC only needs one-third the wall space. The Mini FEC is designed to support up to 96 splices, using industry-standard splice trays with factory-installed cable management clips, all within a NEMA 4–rated wall box.

The mini FEC is an ideal solution for use in MDUs, SFUs, cell towers and business-class services. Learn more at


800 17th St NW
Hickory, NC 28601
P: 800-743-2675
Contact: Alyson Moore

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant; Passives – Inside Plant; Customer-Premises Equipment; Structured Wiring; Passive Optical LAN; Planning, Design or Construction; Optical Fiber and Cable

MiniXtend Cables

 Corning’s micro cabling solution solves the demand for today’s unlimited bandwidth capacity and addresses escalating network duct congestion.

Designed for installation in microduct systems using air-assisted installation methods, Corning’s MiniXtend cables are up to 50 percent smaller than standard loose-tube cables and offer high fiber counts in a small-cable-diameter footprint.

Corning’s innovative optical microcabling solutions include the following:

MiniXtend HD Cable is our highest-density microcable featuring Corning SMF-28 Ultra 200 fiber and delivering fiber counts up to 288 fibers. Our MiniXtend HD cable is up to 20 percent smaller than standard microcables.

MiniXtend Cable with Binderless FastAccess Technology has the same dimensions and fiber counts (12–144 fibers) as the original MiniXtend cable but also features our time-saving binderless FastAccess technology. This groundbreaking innovation in cable design eliminates the use of binder and waterblocking yarns and waterblocking tapes and enables up to 70 percent faster cable access and reduced risk of buffer tube damage.

COS Systems

42 Broadway, Suite 12-206
New York, NY 10004
P: 800-562-1730
Contact: Isak Finer

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops, Utilities
Products/Services: Back-Office Software, Customer-Facing Software

 COS Business Engine, continuously developed since 2007 and used to operate more than 100 open access networks, is now available in an inexpensive, cloud-hosted version perfect for municipal networks as well as operators of multiple networks. This proven business and operations support system also supports single-provider networks but is built from the ground up to manage the complexity of multiple providers offering any kind of services on a joint network infrastructure. It comes with a customizable online marketplace from which subscribers can browse the assortment of providers and services and easily order online. To make the operator efficient and to create happier ISPs and subscribers, COS Business Engine enables self-service by allowing ISPs access to the system to edit their service offerings, and it provides subscribers with their own “My Pages” where they can manage their services. In this comprehensive solution, provisioning is simplified and wholesale billing is solved by auto-generated billing reports.

CSI Digital

20015 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 100
Sherwood, OR 97140
P: 503-715-2525
Contact: Steven Shipley

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Municipalities
Products/Services: Video Headends and Related Equipment, Internet and Video Services/Programming, Other Managed Services

Practical | Sustainable | Innovative | IP Video Solutions

CSI Digital is a leading IP video engineering and integration company offering a wide spectrum of sophisticated video solutions and partnering with PCO/Telco/MDU and broadband providers to deliver advanced video services, including but not limited to licensed video content, national and international content (closed network) transport, over-the-top (OTT) video delivery, anytime/anywhere/on any device, video-on-demand/pay-per-view, advanced middleware, managed video data centers, encoding/transcoding.

Ask us about our new “Jericho” and “yondoo Video” services that disrupt the legacy cost models for the delivery of next-generation video services. “Watch & See the Difference!”


2290 Butler Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
P: 610-828-6200
F: 610-397-0454
Contact: Dan Howick

Customers: Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Planning, Design or Construction

 Danella’s communications infrastructure construction is perfectly crafted for the needs of our clients. At Danella, we continue to meet or exceed industry standards with the most inventive, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Danella has the resources and experience to successfully accomplish any project of any size in any environment. Our teams specialize in all aspects of aerial and underground construction. Whether we are installing cable, splicing optical fiber, setting poles or installing underground conduit, Danella has the expertise to safely and successfully complete your project from design to placement to removal.

We stand on the forefront of communications infrastructure networks as a cutting-edge innovator, problem-solver and reliable partner. However big or small your project may be, you can trust us to provide world-class service worthy of our reputation as the most reliable communications infrastructure construction partner.

Finley Engineering

104 East 11th Street
Lamar, MO 64759
P: 800-225-9716
Contact: Barb Ostrander

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant; Other Managed Services; Planning, Design or Construction; Optical Fiber and Cable

Strategy Sessions & Feasibility Studies

 Start your broadband project out on the right foot with a strategy session for your organization led by Finley Engineering’s strategic operations consultants. We don’t have a 10-step program or a PowerPoint solution because every community, every project, every board is different. That’s why we lead with in-depth strategy discussions – to find your unique solution.

From your strategy session, we discuss your specific needs for a feasibility study. We don’t tell you what you need; we discuss the options, help you understand available solutions and review funding possibilities.

Contact Finley Engineering for your strategy session today. We have built out thousands of miles of fiber in communities of all sizes, all over the United States. We know broadband, and we know how to manage broadband projects.

You can find us online at, or call us at 800-225-9716.


12842 Interurban Ave S
Seattle, WA 98168
P: 888-210-2976
Contact: Billieann Foster

Customers: Municipalities
Products/Services: Planning, Design or Construction

GigabitNow offers turnkey solutions for the planning, design, construction, operation and support of gigabit fiber-to-the-home and wireless point-to-point networks. Offering custom internet solutions for small and medium communities nationwide since 2004, GigabitNow has expertise in a variety of fiber network architectures (FTTx), wireless and outside-plant (OSP) deployments.

GigabitNow staff are experts in working with customers in determining the best fiber solution for their community. We have several public and private fiber projects across the West Coast and significant experience in master-planned communities. We have completed both overbuild and greenfield network projects as well as point-to-point wireless deployments. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring gigabit faster broadband to your community.


5954 Priestly Dr.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
P: 760-602-1900
Contact: Christine Brown

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities
Products/Services: Training, Back-Office Software, Customer-Facing Software

 A Broadband Communities Top 100 Company, GLDS sets the standard for best-of-suite broadband billing, customer management and provisioning. Stand-alone or cloud-based solutions, attractive Windows-based interface and robust SQL database provide tier-one features without the tier-one price.

FTTH, IPTV, digital and analog set-top boxes, conditional access satellite receivers, cable modems, VOD and VoIP can all be managed directly from the WinCable and BroadHub billing systems. GLDS also offers a mobile app for field-based workforce management, as well as telephone and web-based customer self-care.

  • Designed for anyone offering broadband or services over broadband
  • Billing and provisioning support for FTTH, digital, IPTV, interdiction, VoIP and more
  • Landlord/tenant billing options
  • Low-cost stand-alone or cloud-based solutions

Serving small and mid-sized operators, GLDS has implemented its solutions for more than 400 broadband operators in 49 U.S. states and 45 countries worldwide. For more information, contact GLDS Sales at 800-882-7950 or visit

Henkels & McCoy Group, Inc.

985 Jolly Road
Blue Bell, PA 19422
P: 215-283-7600
Contact: Bob Dundon

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops, State and Federal Government, Education
Products/Services: Planning, Design or Construction

 As one of North America’s leading utility construction firms, Henkels & McCoy Group (HMG) has served the evolving infrastructure needs of the communications industry from source to end user since 1923. Working with carriers, utilities, enterprises and all levels of government, HMG delivers a full range of services for the planning, design, construction and installation of wireline and wireless communications networks. Our experience and ability to scale allow us to undertake projects of all sizes and complexity, delivering solutions that incorporate safety, quality, on-time performance, and effective program and cost management. We have performed numerous rollouts of both cable and FTTx projects across the country, including residential fiber deployments and numerous community and municipal fiber builds. As the demand for broadband continues to grow, HMG continues to deliver.

MaxCell & MaxSpace

600 Plum Creek Drive
Wadsworth, OH 44281
P: 888-387-3828
Contact: Mike Miller

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Military
Products/Services: Flexible fabric innerduct for fiber and cable

 MaxSpace is a patent-pending, no-dig technology and construction method that safely removes existing innerduct from around active fiber optic cables with virtually no load on the cables and no interruption of service. As the innerducts are removed, cables migrate to bottom of the outer conduit. Once all innerducts are removed, up to 90 percent of conduit space is recovered. MaxCell can be placed at the same time, allowing operators to place up to nine more cables in the reclaimed space of a conduit that was once considered full.

The MaxSpace construction technology will allow deployment of new services at a significantly lower cost and much greater speed than new construction, helping providers meet the growing data demands of their end-users.

For more information on MaxSpace and all of the MaxCell Conduit Maximization Solutions, visit our website at


3131 Technology Drive NW
Mandan, ND 58554
P: 866-999-6472
Contact: Todd Henecke, Manager Business Development & Sales

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Back-Office Software, Customer-Facing Software

 With NISC’s Broadband Measured Service, your telecom will have the power to track and bill overages, and you will also have the tools to educate all on the true value of your service. Provide your customers with graphs that show their internet consumption hourly, daily or monthly via the app or your website, as well as a cumulative view so they can see when they near their plan limits. Configure usage alerts so your customers can stay on top of their usage and reduce the risk of bill shock. Help customers realize the value of your service by offering yearly usage trending by month. When competitors are knocking, the best defense is knowing your customers truly understand the value of the services you deliver. Educating your customers on their usage and helping control their costs is imperative for customer satisfaction, and Broadband Measured Service is a powerful ally.


2000 Northeast Expressway
Norcross, GA 30071
P: 770-798-5555
Contact: Michael Fortin

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Optical Fiber and Cable

InvisiLight Optical Solutions

 The revolutionary InvisiLight Optical Solutions allow service providers to deploy fiber into living units quickly and cost-effectively. These solutions enable fast, easy-to-install and almost invisible fiber drop connections for the indoor living unit (ILU) or multi-dwelling unit (MDU), making optical fiber easily available to each tenant in a building or single-family home. In addition, the fiber installation process uses an adhesive applied like construction caulking, which is much less disruptive and more dependable than that of similar technologies. The optical fiber included in the InvisiLight Optical Solutions easily blends into the décor so that it is virtually invisible to the human eye. OFS complemented the Invisilight offer with a compact Point of Entry module and a smaller 01F module. These product innovations allow a very discreet fiber deployment. Service providers have deployed the InvisiLight Optical Solutions to bring ultra-high-speed gigabit services to multiple-dwelling-unit properties, residential single-family units and business premises.

Pavlov Media

206 North Randolph Street
Champaign, IL 61820
P: 217-531-9031
Contact: Chris Hunt

Customers: MDU/PCO, Hospitality, Municipalities
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/Programming

 Pavlov Media is the largest private provider of broadband and television networks in the nation. Pavlov Media provides internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps to residents and serves more than 600 properties in 43 states and Canada. Pavlov Media has a national backbone with 10 Gigabit capacity, meaning the company can put bandwidth at your location that matches or exceeds the competition. And Pavlov Media manages your network locally, meaning outstanding service for you. Pavlov Media is a national leader in wireless internet performance, offering 24/7 service. Pavlov Media networks are secure and CALEA-compliant, with full maintenance and support.

Preformed Line Products

660 Beta Drive
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
P: 440-461-5200
Contact: Brendon O’Boyle

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment, Training

 The COYOTE STP (Service Termination Point) is a small-scale, cost-effective closure that is ideal for use where the optical network terminal (ONT) is on the inside of a premises. The robust latch system, paired with an integrated over-molded cover, allows for quick re-entry and creates a secure seal over a wide range of cable profiles.

Traditionally, fiber optic products offered to address the last connection point at the customer premises have been less durable and contain marginal sealing systems. Since every splice in your network is critical, why risk compromising your service levels at the final connection? With the COTOTE STP, you no longer have to.

Spectrum Community Solutions

400 Atlantic St.
Stamford, CT 06901
P: 203-905-7945
Contact: Adam Ray

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/Programming

Spectrum TV

 Everything you love. Anytime you want.

Spectrum TV offers more HD channels than any other provider.

Over 200 channels available in brilliant HD

Instant access to over 10,000 On Demand choices

Easy-to-use DVR to pause, record or rewind your favorites

Spectrum TV App access to watch TV on all your devices


1001 East Hwy 212
Hector, MN 55342
P: 800-852-8662
Contact: Lourdes Sanchez

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Structured Wiring, Optical Fiber and Cable

 Suttle’s MediaMAX brand for home/business service distribution includes wiring panels, termination modules, modular jacks and wall plates that meet today’s need for fiber, Cat 6, coax and wireless connectivity.

  • Plastic MAX Panels minimize wireless interference and feature improved venting for superior heat dissipation. Designed for greenfield and brownfield applications, panels can securely house gateways, ONTs, and BBUs.
  • The popular Gateway Termination Module – which includes toolless IDCs for Cat 6 data and voice – is one of many structured wiring termination modules for voice, data and video transmission.
  • The innovative, toolless Cat 6 MAX Jack offers a cost- and time-saving way to make simpler, more reliable connections without specialized termination tools.

Founded in 1910, Suttle specializes in connectivity solutions for hybrid communications networks. Suttle is a Communications Systems Inc. company (NASDAQ: JCS) and proudly supports manufacturing in the U.S. Its headquarters and manufacturing are located in Hector, Minnesota.

Walker and Associates, Inc.

7129 Old Hwy 52
Welcome, NC 27374
P: 800-WALKER1
Contact: Randy Turner

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline; Active Electronics – Wireless; Passives – Outside Plant; Passives- Inside Plant; Customer-Premises Equipment; Structured Wiring; Passive Optical LAN; Test Equipment; Other Managed Services; Planning, Design or Construction; Optical Fiber and Cable

Communications carriers have relied on Walker for 45 years to navigate through industry changes, opportunities for growth and technology advances. Today, more than ever, experience matters. Product alone is not the sole test of value, and being more than a distributor matters. Walker connects the right mix of people, products, partnerships and processes to consistently deliver on commitments to excellent service and unsurpassed value.

XFINITY Communities

One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103
P: 215-286-8171
Contact: Mike Slovin

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/ Programming

XFINITY Communities provides your property and residents with a better network, better entertainment and better service. With fiber-based custom network solutions, a one-of-a-kind interactive TV experience with XFINITY X1, and our new dedicated property support, we provide an end-to-end service that simply translates to better living. Our Advanced Communities Network (ACN) – a fiber network solution that provides your properties with gigabit speeds – can help attract new residents while giving existing residents what they want. Plus, at Comcast, we’re driven to create the best entertainment and online experiences for your residents – from X1 to the fastest in-home Wi-Fi and more. And just as you strive to give your residents a superior customer experience, we are dedicated to doing the same with new property-focused community account representatives (CARs), round-the-clock live support and a network monitored 24/7 for consistent, reliable service. With XFINITY Communities, it just keeps getting better.


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