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The latest offerings from top broadband hardware and software suppliers, distributors and service providers. 

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901 Explorer Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35806
P: 800-9ADTRAN

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline, Passives – Inside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment, Other Managed Services

 ADTRAN introduces the world’s first bonded, super-vectoring (35b) solution that allows service providers to effectively deliver to MDUs near-gigabit broadband speeds while addressing Wi-Fi congestion issues that impact MDU subscriber experience. MDU market penetration is particularly challenging because of restrictive building entry processes, retrofit costs, building size variation and Wi-Fi interference issues. This turnkey solution accelerates broadband penetration goals by addressing these operational challenges.

This ultra-broadband solution includes a highly scalable, 192-port ADTRAN sealed remote node system to deliver 500-plus Mbps service. The ADTRAN 48-port bonded 35b remote node requires no cabinets or power construction to deliver ultra-low TCO and rapid time-to-market, and it eliminates building owners’ issues regarding tenant disruption. The comprehensive solution is paired with the SmartRG bonded 35b Wi-Fi 5 gateway, which includes cloud-based Wi-Fi auto-optimization and self-healing tools to address the growing number of smart home devices and amplify subscriber experience. For more information, visit

Advanced Media Technologies (AMT)

3150 SW 15th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
P: 954-427-5711
Contact: Rob Narzisi

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline, Active Electronics – Wireless, Video Headends and Related Equipment, Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment, Passive Optical LAN, Test Equipment

R510 Indoor Access Point

 Available through AMT, the Ruckus R510 802.11ac Wave 2 access point delivers the ideal combination of performance, reliability and coverage for medium-density, indoor locations. Using the same patented technologies found in premier high-density APs, it supports data rates up to 1.2 Gbps along with industry-leading Wi-Fi intelligence to extend range and mitigate interference. The R510 is the perfect choice for medium-density venues such as small and mid-size enterprise locations, common areas in hotels and office buildings, retail sites and more. Whether you’re deploying 10 or 10,000 APs, the R510 is easy to manage through Ruckus’ appliance, virtual and cloud management options. Give your users the best Wi-Fi in the business with the right feature set and price for midsize sites.


170 Ridgeview Center Drive
Duncan, SC 29334
P: 864-433-0333
Contact: Kevin Clayton

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Structured Wiring, Passive Optical LAN, Test Equipment, Optical Fiber and Cable


440 Forsgate Drive
Cranbury, NJ 08512
P: 609-860-0160
Contact: Toni-Anne Blake

Customers: Telcos, Cable TV
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline, Video Headends and Related Equipment, Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment

 Antronix’s FTTP premises optical nodes are ideal for direct fiber transmission of RF signals in FTTH, MDU, industrial complexes, corporate buildings, government facilities, academic campuses and other I-Net applications where high-performance, compact indoor nodes are required. They provide upstream and downstream communication of multiplexed video, high-speed data, telephony and wireless services in HFC/PON FTTP environments.

Our nodes are versatile, cost-effective and of the latest technology. They are frequently paired with the Antronix Forward Transmitter and High-Density Return Receiver devices in a Laser Plus 3RU Chassis to meet customer needs for space and power efficiency, though they are interoperable with most vendors.


  • Easy installation
  • Multivendor interoperability
  • Wide, sensitive optical input range
  • Selectable attenuator pads, diplexers and equalizer to equalize slope
  • Leverage existing coax in-building infrastructure without additional capex improvements
  • 5–300 MHz return transmitter
  • Choice of DFB lasers for 1310 nm, 1550 nm or CWDM wavelengths for DOCSIS and telephony return path compatibility

Campus Technologies Inc.

4119 Walnut St., Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19104
P: 646-494-2608
Contact: Katerina Shineleva

Customers: MDU/PCO, Student Housing Owners and Operators
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/Programming

Campus Technologies Inc. (CTI) is a national, vertically integrated managed network service provider that designs, builds and operates highly effective wired and wireless networks exclusively in student housing. CTI has spent many years establishing its leadership in understanding, designing and operating the technology that is so critical to success, resident satisfaction, occupancy and NOI. CTI solutions are based on real-world experience in managing complex, multitenant telecom systems. They consist of software and hardware components for the best internet at your student housing community.

See more at


100 CenturyLink Dr.
Monroe, LA 71203
P: 877-862-9343
Contact: Tony St. Pierre, Manager, MDU Marketing

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/Programming

 High-quality internet, such as fiber, is essential in today’s digital economy and is a major consideration for residents. CenturyLink can future-ready your property with fiber or fiber-to-the-building that delivers speed, power, and reliability for your residents and more for what comes next. With CenturyLink ON, a best-in-class solution for properties and residents, properties can gain revenue opportunities, improve property value and get an edge up on their competition, which can help retain highly desirable residents.

For residents, CenturyLink ON means no waiting. Each apartment comes pre-wired and with the hardware pre-installed for in-home Wi-Fi and digital home phone, with easy online sign-up and instant services the moment they move in. Plus, there are simple billing and payment options.

The CenturyLink ON solution is unique in that CenturyLink develops tailored solutions for each property for any stage of development or completion. CenturyLink experts handle it all – the design, installation, billing, services and upgrades. Power your property with CenturyLink ON.

Charles Industries

1450 American Lane, 20th Floor
Schaumburg, IL
P: 847-806-6300
Contact: Brad Wackerlin

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment

Fiber Sealed Drop Closures

 Charles fiber optic sealed drop closures provide a versatile, functional and cost-effective solution for FTTH network connections to subscribers. FSDC series closures are fully sealed units that can be strand, pole or pedestal mounted or placed in below-ground vaults and enclosures to meet any installation topology. In addition to an express main feed cable, the closure can accommodate up to two branch cables. The closures have built-in SC/APC or SC/UPC adapters to support up to 16 drop cables. Four splice trays with 12 single-fusion splice capacities are included, with optional splitter and optical tap trays available. FSDC closures feature a compact size for easy handling yet provide ample room for express fiber storage.

Clearfield Inc.

7050 Winnetka Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55428
P: 763-476-6866
Contact: Mickey Smith , VP Broadband Sales

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops, Government, WISPs
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment, Optical Fiber and Cable

 Because of the high variability of MDU architectures, extensive engineering has typically been required to ensure proper cable lengths for fiber-to-the-premises deployments. The 4.5” (114.30 mm) FieldShield StrongFiber Deploy Reel minimizes pre-engineering because it allows StrongFiber to be pulled from the reel directly to an access point. The small form factor of the 900 µm fiber makes slack storage minimal and easy to accommodate, and the exceptional pull strength of StrongFiber makes it craft-friendly and easy for technicians to handle without fear of fiber damage. Lower cable weight means reduced coefficient of friction. This results in quicker installations because there is minimal friction as the cable is pulled through bends and turns throughout a microduct routepath. Reducing the size requirements of the access point (above or below grade) provides a more aesthetically pleasing solution.


800 17th Street NW
Hickory, NC 28601
P: 828-901-5000
Contact: Alyson Moore

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant; Passives – Inside Plant; Passive Optical LAN; Planning, Design or Construction; Training; Optical Fiber and Cable

Clear Track Hallway Fiber Pathways

 The Clear Fiber drop is compatible with the Clear Track system and is ideal for SFU and MDU applications that require a clean transition from outdoors, where ruggedness is required, to indoors, where aesthetics are desired, without the need for a splice or connection point. Our Clear Track Fiber Pathways portfolio offers a clear advantage! For more information, visit

Fibnet Inc.

1760 Willow Pass Rd., Suite #A
Concord, CA 94520
P: 510-517-6633
Contact: Prashant Manandhar

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, CableTV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline, Active Electronics – Wireless, Passives – Outside Plant, Passives – Inside Plant, Customer-Premises Equipment, Structured Wiring, Passive Optical LAN, Optical Fiber and Cable

 We aim to assist or be a leading partner to set up an affordable yet highly reliable and robust broadband network in a community. We have strategic partnerships with companies that include Ocean Cable and Communication Japan and Corning. Our fiber optic cable is welded steel tube armored with Corning glass that can be laid without any specialized equipment. We can lay the cable in many ways, including shallow direct burying, aerial wiring, submerging and conduiting, without splicing up to 10 miles. The cable has been designed for DIY laying without heavy machinery or high-tech fiber splicing. It can be laid with a little guidance from a technical person, and the community can be involved in cable laying, troubleshooting and repairing. Such an initiative not only reduces the cost and duration of installation but also results in lower opex in the long run.

Authorized representative and distributor throughout North and South America.


12842 Interurban Ave S
Seattle, WA 98168
P: 866-748-8066
Contact: Dan Sivils

Customers: MDU/PCO, Municipalities
Products/Services: Other Managed Services; Planning, Design or Construction

GigabitNow offers turnkey solutions for financing, planning, design, construction, operation and support of gigabit fiber-to-the-home and wireless point-to-point networks. Offering custom internet solutions for small and medium communities nationwide since 2004, GigabitNow has expertise in a variety of fiber network architectures, wireless and outside-plant deployments. We are experts at working with customers to determine the best fiber solutions for their communities. We have several public and private community fiber and construction projects across the West Coast, with specific experience in master-planned communities. We have completed both overbuild and greenfield network constructions, as well as point-to-point wireless deployments. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring gigabit faster broadband to your community.


600 Plum Creek Drive
Wadsworth, OH 44281
P: 888-387-3828
Contact: Stephanie Beck

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops, Military
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant

 Plan for the network of tomorrow when building today – with MaxCell Edge!

MaxCell Edge, the flexible fabric innerduct, will help you increase cable density in your network while preserving space for future bandwidth expansion. MaxCell’s unique fabric construction conforms to the shape of cables placed within, greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct.

Suitable for a variety of applications, including greenfield, overlay, congested ducts, curb to building, and complex routes in difficult terrain, MaxCell’s 1” to 4” products are sure to fit any network project. Most important, MaxCell is easily installed, cutting total installation time and associated costs.

The bottom line: MaxCell will help you expand capacity today, preserve space for future bandwidth requirements and reduce total project costs.

For more information, visit

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

3131 Technology Drive NW
Mandan, ND 58554
P: 866-999-6472
Contact: Todd Henecke, Manager Business Development and Sales

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Back-Office Software, Customer-Facing Software

 Place the power of true account management in your customers’ hands! With NISC’s SmartHub Order Management, your customers have the power to manage existing services as well as add and upgrade packages 24/7. Your new customers will have the ability to not only shop and compare traditional services, wireless plans and devices but also sign up and purchase on the spot while providing all information necessary to establish a new customer. This SmartHub-based solution uses your existing website to market services based on service location and fully customizable business rules that accommodate hundreds
of bundling configurations. The shopping cart functionality will allow your customers to see their prices change in real time as they add and upgrade services, thus reducing the confusion account adjustments can cause. Let your website do the work, and redirect your customer service representatives’ time to more critical tasks with NISC’s SmartHub Order Management.


2000 NE Expressway
Norcross, GA 30071
P: 770-798-5555
Contact: John George

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Optical Fiber and Cable

InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module: Making FTTx Connections Easy

 Part of the InvisiLight Optical Solution, the InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module allows easy FTTx deployment into individual living units. This compact, wall-mounted module handles 900 µm InvisiLight tight buffer optical fiber and features an integrated SC jumper for ready connection to the optical network terminal (ONT). An internal spool system allows slack management of the tight buffer and jumper and can be locked for hand spooling of the desired tight buffer or jumper length.

The InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module enables dispensing of up to 40 meters of tight buffer on the bottom layer and up to 2.5 meters of 2 mm cordage on the top spool layer (up to 1.5 meters when using a 3 mm cord). The integrated jumper is available with a 2 mm or 3 mm outer diameter in 2.5- and 1.5-meter lengths, respectively. The InvisiLight EZ-Connect Module is RoHS-compliant, free from heavy metals and environmentally friendly.

Pavlov Media

206 N. Randolph, Ste. 200
Champaign, IL 61820
P: (217) 353-3018

Customers: MDU/PCO, Hospitality, Municipalities
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/Programming; Other Managed Services; Planning, Design or Construction

Pavlov Media is the largest private provider of broadband and television networks in the United States. Pavlov provides internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps to residents, serving more than 500 properties in 38 states that have more than 120,000 internet and 40,000 video users. The company has a national backbone with 10 gigabit capacity, which means it can put bandwidth that matches or exceeds the competition at your location. Pavlov Media’s Tesseractiv content network delivery delivers the most popular web content to end users. And Pavlov manages networks locally, meaning outstanding service for you. It is a national leader in wireless internet performance, offering 24/7 service. Pavlov Media networks are secure and CALEA-compliant with full maintenance and support.

Preformed Line Products

660 Beta Drive
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
P: 440-461-5200
Contact: Kelly McGranahan

Customers: Telcos, Municipalities, Electric Co-Ops
Products/Services: Passives – Outside Plant, Optical Fiber and Cable

 The COYOTE HD Dome Closure is engineered to support high-density splice applications up to 1,728 or 3,456 while offering the same space-saving footprint as our existing 9.5” x 28” COYOTE Dome Closure. The seven-port patented, segmented end plate provides independent access to each cable port without disruption to surrounding cables. In addition, grommet ranges now allow fiber optic cable entry up to 1.38” in diameter, providing support for a broad range of cable counts. The COYOTE HD Dome Closure is ideal for 432 through 3,456 applications and is rated to withstand 20 feet of waterhead, an IP68 rating. Two new flip tray designs were developed to support mass fusion splicing, single fusion, or a combination of both. The modular tray design permits trays to hinge upward or be removed from the stack to allow multiple splicers to work simultaneously, ultimately leading to greater deployment velocities.

Radiant Communications Inc.

5001 Hadley Rd.
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
P: 908-757-7444
Contact: Tom Lewis

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV
Products/Services: Customer-Premises Equpment

 Radiant Communications’ unique local video insertion solutions provide the ability for owners of MDUs, gated communities, retirement communities and other communities to customize the video content available to residents as well as customizing emergency alerts via IoT. Stop by booth 402 to learn more about our amazing new technology.

Spectrum Community Solutions

201 Tresser Blvd.
Stamford, CT 06901
P: 203-705-5598
Contact: Joseph Varello, Vice President

Customers: MDU/PCO
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/Programming


 Spectrum TV offers the best-in-class entertainment options available to your residents, providing excellent value for
your property.

Spectrum Community Solutions is adapting to consumer trends to provide your residents with innovative services. The Spectrum TV App gives your residents the latest and greatest entertainment, making your property a hot commodity with 250 Live TV Channels and up to 30,000 On Demand TV Shows and Movies.

The Spectrum TV App is an IP video solution, which removes the need for Spectrum receivers. The app can be downloaded to Roku, iOS, Android or Smart TV platforms or accessed on The app or browser recognizes when a customer is connected to the property Wi-Fi, so residents can simply open the app or a browser to instantly watch TV without having to manually sign in.

Synergy Fiber

3131 S. State St., Suite 307
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
P: 734-222-6061
Contact: Jessica Jones

Customers: MDU/PCO; Cable TV; Hospitality; Municipalities
Products/Services: Internet and Video Services/Programming; Other Managed Services; Planning, Design or Construction

 Synergy Fiber provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions, including internet, television, delivery systems, access control, wiring, IoT and security to office buildings and multi-dwelling units, including student housing and multifamily properties.

Our “Just One IT Package” includes equipment, wiring and services such as phones, computer labs, telephone lines, pool phones, door entry systems, Ethernet/wireless delivery, television delivery, access control, security and energy monitoring for MDUs. This package is unique to the industry and offers the benefits of lower costs, technology managed from the start, easy adaptability, transparency, improved communication from start to finish, GC standards for full scope of IT, verification of full scope of IT and a blueprint that works from day one.

Toner Cable Equipment Inc.

969 Horsham Road
Horsham, PA 19044
P: 800-523-5947

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Hospitality, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Video Headends and Related Equipment; Passives – Outside Plant; Passives – Inside Plant; Customer-Premises Equipment; Test Equipment; Planning, Design or Construction; Optical Fiber and Cable

 The TIN40-1000 is a one-way fiber optic node for CATV, SMATV, FTTx, MDU or private business applications. The TIN40-1000 has a wide optical input range from 1200 to 1600 nm, making it ideal for either 1310 nm or 1550 nm systems. The fiber optic receiver has an AGC circuit to maintain a RF output over a -6 to +2 dB optical input level. The high RF output level of 40 dBmV eliminates the need for a separate RF amplifier for distribution. A 0-18 dB gain control makes system balancing easy without external pads. The GaAs E-pHEMT push-pull hybrid provides superior performance with low distortions. The node uses an external 12VDC power supply (included) which can be connected directly or diplexed on the RF output cable for remote powering. The optical input is an SC/APC connector and features a multicolor LED for input level reference.

Walker and Associates Inc.

7129 Old Hwy 52
Welcome, NC 27374
P: 800-WALKER1
Contact: Randy Turner

Customers: MDU/PCO, Telcos, Cable TV, Municipalities, Electric Co-ops
Products/Services: Active Electronics – Wireline; Active Electronics – Wireless; Passives – Outside Plant; Passives – Inside Plant; Customer- Premises Equipment; Structured Wiring; Passive Optical LAN; Test Equipment; Other Managed Services; Planning, Design or Construction; Training; Optical Fiber and Cable


Walker’s professional services include network architecture, design, and implementation of networking products, including Carrier Ethernet, switching and routing, optical transport, FTTx, SDN, NFV, cloud technologies, mobile backhaul, copper and fiber connectivity, VoIP, wireless, and more. Count on Walker to proactively work with you on best-of-breed products from more than 400 of today’s leading manufacturers. With 13 certified engineers on staff to answer pre- and post-purchase questions, Walker’s engineering team has years of experience in all aspects of networks. Rely on Walker for a variety of systems integration services, including provisioning, systems verification and integration, traffic migration and training.


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