Hot Products: Broadband Communities’ 21st Annual List of Leading Broadband Technologies and Services

The latest offerings from top broadband hardware and software suppliers, distributors and service providers



901 Explorer Blvd. NW
Huntsville, AL 35806
P: 307-880-5595
Contact: Ash Brown

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, municipalities, electric
co-ops, tribal communities
Products/Services: Active electronics – wireline; passives: outside plant; passives: inside plant; customer-premises equipment, other managed services, planning, design or construction; training, customer-facing software

Mosaic One by Adtran: Modern networks demand high-speed connections, optimized performance and value-driving solutions. With Mosaic One, providers can aggregate applications to one screen that delivers actionable intelligence. The AI-driven Mosaic One SaaS applications empower marketing, operations and customer success teams to cut operational expenses and increase profitability while improving customer satisfaction, thereby reducing churn.

Mosaic One Care: Troubleshoot a subscriber’s connection from the access network into the home in minutes, resolving issues quickly and minimizing expensive truck rolls.

Mosaic One Operate: Enable operations teams to monitor the access and subscribers’ network for alarms and proactively correct them, minimizing network downtime.

Mosaic One Promote: Empower marketers to deliver intelligent broadband by enabling them to leverage subscribers’ online user behavior and segment them as gamers, streamers or surfers to reduce churn and grow revenue.
Mosaic One (


Atlantic Engineering Group

P.O. Box 349
Buford, GA 30515
P: 706-654-2298
Contact: Kara Hartman

Customers: Telcos, municipalities, electric co-ops
Products/Services: Planning, design and construction; optical fiber and cable

For the past 24 years, Atlantic Engineering Group has focused exclusively on engineering and construction of telecommunications infrastructure. AEG has designed and/or built 100-plus fiber optic networks, including 63 citywide FTTH systems, and passed more than 2.5 million homes. AEG has the experience and resources required to complete projects safely, on time, on budget and of the highest quality. Regardless of geography or density, AEG has the know-how to design and build a system that suits each client’s unique needs. For those new to this arena, AEG is more than just a contractor; it is an innovator and advocate.



2640 Main Street
Irvine, CA 92614
P: 949-268-9196

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, cable TV, hospitality, municipalities, electric co-ops
Products/Services: Other managed services, back-office software

CallTek amplifies technology companies with additional capabilities and team members. For more than 15 years, CallTek has been a trusted white-label service provider for leading system integrators, managed service providers, technology operators and internet service providers.

CallTek’s teams of white-label project coordinators and field support technicians are available when needed so companies can focus on other areas of business. CallTek offers nationwide 24/7 dispatching, tiered professional support, project coordination and real-time tracking. Project coordinators work with clients’ project managers to execute projects to their specifications.

The CallTek team strives to provide excellent customer experiences all the time. Team members receive hundreds of hours of training on communication skills and customer service to ensure customers the best representation at every touch point.

CallTek, with more than 6,000 team members, operates around the globe in six countries: the United States, Guatemala, the Philippines, Honduras, India and the Dominican Republic. The CallTek team is the client’s team – amplified. For more information, visit


Charles Industries, LLC

1450 American Lane, 20th Floor
Schaumburg, IL 60173
P: 847-806-6300
Contact: Brad Wackerlin

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, cable TV
Products/Services: Passives: outside plant, customer-premises equipment

Practicing social distancing at the work site can be a challenge. Certain projects, such as pouring or placing a concrete pad, require workers to be in close proximity. The Charles Industries composite mounting platforms (CPADs) help alleviate this situation. A CPAD’s light weight allows one or two technicians to install it quickly. CPADs are used as mounting platforms for pad-mounted cabinets, generators, EVC charging stations and more. The advanced, composite-material composition means they require less heavy equipment to handle, can be transported to job sites in the back of a standard pickup truck and don’t require a crane for installation.

CPADs are available in one piece and in modular designs for up to four bays. The tapered rectangular design offers the added advantage of creating a large-volume storage area under the placed cabinet for slack cable and sealed splice case storage or easy conduit entrance for power and optic cable ingress/egress. They meet SCTE/ANSI-77 standards and are Tier 15 or Tier 22 load rated.


CHR Solutions

9700 Bissonnet, Suite 2900
Houston, TX 77036-8014
P: 713-351-5111
Contact: Nikki Johnson

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, cable TV, municipalities, electric co-ops
Products/Services: Other managed services; planning, design or construction; back-office software

CHR Geographic Platform: A Key Component of CHR Engineering Services

CHR partners with telephone and cable companies, electric co-ops and municipalities to successfully implement broadband networks. The use of real-time data through the CHR geographic platform utilizing geospatial information improves all aspects of a network build. At its heart, GIS is software that combines spatial mapping and analysis with database management.

By using geospatial data in a unique way, CHR engineering provides clients with a platform that utilizes real-time information to improve efficiencies, takes the guesswork out of decisions and ultimately increases speed to market. The platform features customizable dashboards that enable all aspects of a business to format and display data in a way that optimizes its use in specific operations.

Throughout the project, CHR continues to use the GIS data collected in each phase and can help clients use the data to improve communication with subscribers and prospects. For example, mobile friendly dashboards allow carriers to share outage information, construction activities and new service offering information via a map. Pre-marketing a new service or creating heat maps of pre-subscriptions as neighboring subscribers sign up are additional applications.

To learn more about how CHR Engineering Services can help companies offer fast, reliable, much-needed services to the communities they serve, connect with us! Visit


Clearfield, Inc.

7050 Winnetka Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55428
P: 800-422-2537
Contact: Kevin Morgan

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, cable TV, municipalities, electric co-ops, wireless providers, WISPs
Products/Services: Passives: outside plant; passives: inside plant; customer-premises equipment; passive optical LAN; training: optical fiber and cable

Home Deployment Kits: Clearfield Home Deployment Kits provide everything an installer needs to make the home connection. Reducing FTTH installation time by as much as 30 minutes per connection, Home Deployment Kits accelerate the in-home deployments everyone wants. Kitted to customers’ needs. You configure; we package.

  • Three OSP Test Access Point Choices
  • Consumer-friendly fiber outlet for inside wiring
  • Variable cable length and slack storage offerings
  • DIY option for contactless installation

Fiber technicians are concerned not only with their own safety but also with the well-being of their customers. If a technician minimizes the time inside a building, that’s a huge benefit to everyone – especially during a pandemic. Engineered to streamline connections, the Clearfield Home Deployment Kit (HDK) minimizes the time spent on-site. It’s a complete solution with everything in one box.

To minimize contact with the customer, the technician mounts the TAP box outside the building, runs the fiber down the outside of the building, makes a drill point and slides the pushable fiber through the drilled pathway into the living unit. Then the technician installs the fiber outlet a safe distance from the customer, such as by the door.

When ready to complete the installation, the customer picks up the fiber outlet, takes it inside and opens the package, which contains written instructions and a QR code that leads to a short video. These show the customer how to clean the fiber end (cleaning product included) and put the connector onto the pushable fiber and finish the installation process, requiring no special tools.


Cox Communications

6205B Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30328
Contact: Katie Meister

Customers: MDUs/PCOs
Products/Services: Internet and video services/programming, other managed services, optical fiber and cable

To help keep technicians and customers safe during the pandemic, Cox Communications worked with homebuilders to install telecom services and equipment in new homes and apartments before the residents moved in. The new homes were internet ready – all residents had to do was sign up and plug in. The Cox broadband network can deliver faster speeds than 5G providers can.* Learn more about Cox’s pre-installed internet program by visiting

*Based on Cox Gigablast download speeds of up to 1 Gbps compared to average download speeds delivered over a 5G connection. Individual results may vary.


ESPi Corporation

630 Lincoln Avenue
Clay Center, KS 67432
P: 877-799-3774
Contact: Ryan Emerson, Director of Sales and Marketing

Customers: Telcos, cable TV, hospitality, municipalities, electric co-ops
Products/Services: Customer-premises equipment

TITAN – 12V Outdoor UPS: ESPi’s TITAN 12V Outdoor UPS is the solution for FTTH backup power needs. Built in the U.S., the TITAN provides up to 14 hours of ONT run time and can be mounted up to 115 feet away from a power outlet. Installation outside the residence eliminates the need for technicians to enter customers’ homes or businesses.

The TITAN provides extended standby power and battery life thanks to ESPi’s ThermoAmp technology. The advanced onboard firmware calibrates voltage to the battery according to ambient temperature fluctuations, charging the battery precisely and accurately, thus extending its life and further reducing truck rolls and time on site.

For solutions to UPS needs and input during the design stage, go to for a number of solutions or alternatives to fit a business’s specific needs and contact information for sales and production engineers.


Fiberdyne Labs, Inc.

127 Business Park Drive
Frankfort, NY 13340
P: 315-895-8470
Contact: Peter Polus

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, cable TV, hospitality, municipalities, electric co-ops, military, military suppliers
Products/Services: Passives: outside plant, passives: inside plant, customer-premises equipment, structured wiring, passive optical LAN, test equipment, optical fiber and cable

1U FiberPassHD Cassette Chassis: The Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. 1U FiberPassHD Cassette Chassis is designed to support ultra-high-density fiber distribution environments, including data centers, cell tower shelters and central office applications. This product supports patching up to 144 LC connectors to 12 MPO connectors. The 1 rack unit (1RU) chassis integrates fiber management and supports up to 12 single-wide or six double-wide Fiberdyne Ultra High Density cassettes. In addition to traditional MPO cassette applications, cassettes with various passive optical components, including couplers/splitters, CWDMs and DWDMs, are available.

Key Features: Removable top cover, front and rear access, three high-visibility sliding internal trays with integrated fiber distribution and termination. Craft-friendly access to cassettes and MPO connections. Mounting ears support 19-inch rack installations or 23 inches with optional brackets.


Finley Engineering Company, Inc.

104 East 11th Street
Lamar, MO 64759
P: 417-682-5531
Contact: Andy Heins

Customers: Telcos, municipalities, electric co-ops
Products/Services: Other managed services; planning, design or construction

At Finley, we don’t just claim to be experts in rural broadband funding and deployment; we have a proven track record unparalleled in the industry. We have helped secure millions of dollars in grants and loans on behalf of our clients. After more than 69 years and hundreds of implementations, we’ve seen just about everything and crafted the right future-ready solutions for even the toughest deployment challenges. From the initial feasibility study to network deployment, Finley is with its clients every step of the way, a trusted partner from start to finish.



12842 Interurban Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98168
P: 866-748-8066
Contact: Dan Sivils

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, hospitality, municipalities
Products/Services: Structured wiring, internet and video services/programming, other managed services, planning, design or construction

GigabitNow offers communities of all sizes fast, reliable, affordable fiber internet without bandwidth caps and free from privacy worries or service constraints. Offering customized solutions for the development, construction, operations, support and delivery of gigabit fiber internet networks, GigabitNow focuses on providing the very best internet experience and genuine customer support to every customer. Builder-operator of multiple FTTH community networks, GigabitNow concentrates on providing gigabit-class networks and services to unserved and underserved municipalities, multi-tenant buildings and private communities. GigabitNow delivers solutions that match the uniqueness of American communities, large and small, by partnering with every community we work with, working alongside community leaders and providing out-of-the-box approaches and fiber network solutions that fit the needs of community residents and businesses.



600 Plum Creek Drive
Wadsworth, OH 44281
P: 717-881-9246
Contact: Melissa Hennigan

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, hospitality, municipalities
Products/Services: Passives: Outside plant; planning, design or construction

MaxCell MaxWrap® is a new OSP fabric mesh solution applied around cable as it is pulled into conduit. MaxCell MaxWrap eliminates the need for a two-step cable pulling installation process, as with traditional construction, reducing installation time and stress on the cable. MaxCell MaxWrap® protects the installed cable in greenfield applications and in existing-cable overlay applications.



2000 Northeast
Norcross, GA 30071
P: 860-678-6522
W: https://www2.
Contact: Michael Fortin

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, cable TV, hospitality, municipalities, electric co-ops
Products/Services: Customer-premises equipment; passive optical LAN; planning, design or construction; optical fiber and cable

InvisiLight® Solutions – Fiber to the Unit: The pandemic put a magnifying glass on the role that high-speed internet access plays in American life. In a time of social distancing, people need broadband to work from home, access health care services, apply for public assistance, order groceries or prescriptions and connect with educators. The InvisiLight MDU and ILU Solutions are a fast, easy way of getting fiber to the living unit. Virtually invisible to the eye, InvisiLight Solutions are widely accepted by building owners and tenants to provide the fiber connectivity needed for the new way of living and learning the pandemic created.


Positron Access Solutions

5101 Buchan Street, Suite 220
Montreal, QC H4P2R9
P: 514-345-2220
Contact: Sandra Cohen

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, cable TV, hospitality, municipalities, MTUs, SFU home clusters
Products/Services: Active electronics; passives: outside plant, customer-premises equipment

Multiplexer (GAM) enables service providers to deliver virtually symmetrical gigabit services to each door over existing in-building wiring. No need for rewiring with fiber that customers can’t use exclusively. No construction disruption. Same ARPU as fiber at 25 percent of the cost.

Installs in hours. Works over telco pairs or coax (with splitters). Outperforms DOCSIS on either. Indoor and outdoor (IP-68) units. Local or RPF powered. Fully featured. In service at major and smaller U.S. service providers. Free trials.


Quantum Fiber

100 CenturyLink Drive
Monroe, LA 71203
P: 855-748-6123
Contact: Katie Cooper

Customers: MDUs/PCOs
Products/Services: Internet and video services/programming

Quantum Fiber Internet

Simple. Reliable. Blazing Fast. Cost Effective.
The virtual marketplace is exploding, and demand for internet bandwidth is rising quickly. More people are streaming, gaming, working and learning remotely. Add smart TVs, virtual assistance devices and apps, video doorbells, security systems and connected appliances: The demand for bandwidth continues to grow.

Who Benefits Most from Fiber?
Everyone really. Connecting with Quantum Fiber Internet can mean worry-free streaming on multiple devices without sacrificing performance, faster overall speeds and almost no lag time – all with unlimited data. With Quantum Fiber Internet, residents and homeowners can live, work and do their favorite things online, such as shopping and gaming, at mind-blowing speeds. Because it is built on newer technology, Quantum Fiber is an internet connection for everyone.

Quantum Fiber: Clear Advantages Compared With Other Technologies
Fiber is simple: it saves developers time, money, materials and labor. Quantum Fiber needs only one glass fiber cable to carry multiple services – such as internet, video, and voice. Fiber technology is less fragile and less likely to experience service interruptions. Plus, Quantum Fiber has plenty of bandwidth left for future services that haven’t even been invented yet. Quantum Fiber, with speeds up to 940 Mbps, is truly built for what’s now and what’s next.

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Spectrum Community Solutions

400 Washington Blvd.
Stamford, CT 06902
P: 203-428-0637
Contact: Lisa Cortes

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, hospitality, municipalities, single-family gated communities, RV parks, marinas
Products/Services: Customer-premises equipment, internet and video services/programming, planning, design or construction, optical fiber and cable

Though everyone is eager to leave the pandemic behind, the technological advancements and improved product offerings developed to meet consumer needs during that time, such as Advanced Community WiFi from Spectrum Community Solutions, are here to stay.

Advanced Community WiFi features Wi-Fi 6 technology, which meets residents’ ever-growing demand for faster, more reliable internet. In addition to enjoying speeds up to 1 Gbps, residents can easily and safely manage their Spectrum accounts and services using the top-rated My Spectrum App.

Even when social distancing becomes a thing of the past, Spectrum self-install kits will continue to be a crowd pleaser. Many residents prefer the convenience of getting things done, such as setting up internet services, on their own time and their own terms. People are spending more time in common areas, too. With Advanced Community WiFi, guests and residents stay connected throughout the property.

As many resume daily commutes, residents may have less leisure time to binge their favorite shows. With an Advanced Community WiFi package, residents can download or stream entertainment on iOS or Android devices and continue watching while on the train.

Affordable, reliable mobile service continues to be a necessary lifeline for staying connected with those one loves. Residents who subscribe to any Spectrum internet solution also have access to Spectrum Mobile™, which combines the superior performance of Spectrum’s converged mobile broadband network with simple plans, the best devices and high-value single and multiline pricing.

For property owners, Advanced Community WiFi can save on upfront capital and minimize disruption to the property by using existing wiring while providing up to 1 Gbps, powering the best Wi-Fi access for residents.

Spectrum Community Solutions’ 24/7, dedicated, U.S.-based customer service team is always available to assist residents or property managers with any issues.


WideOpen Networks, Inc.

2000 Kraft Drive, Suite 2150
Blacksburg, VA 24060
P: 540-552-2150
Contact: Andrew Cohill, Ph.D.

Customers: MDUs/PCOs, telcos, municipalities
Products/Services: Other managed services; planning, design or construction

WideOpen Networks provides a complete network development, implementation and management platform for municipalities, greenfield developers, utilities and regional government consortiums. WideOpen Networks’ services include early-phase planning, detailed cost estimates for new networks, construction management, network operations, marketing strategies and network customer service and billing. Call us for more information – 540-552-2150 – or drop us a note: v


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