We explain why you need fiber, and what fast, reliable, and affordable broadband means to individuals, businesses, and communities.
International editions are available for Australian, European, Portuguese, and Spanish communities.

FTTH Primer

Fall 2017 Edition

What Fiber Broadband Can Do for Your Community

Australian Primer

2013 Edition

European Primer

January 2009 Edition

Portuguese Primer

2009 Edition

Spanish Primer

2008 Edition

Content crafted by BBC to help you understand and utilize the power of broadband.

BBC Original Research: Broadband’s Impact on Population Loss and Income

Our experts highlight the best and brightest in MDUs.

Fiber-to-the-home leaders and innovators for 2022

Make informed decisions when purchasing equipment, software, and services for delivering voice, video, data, and more.

Learn the essential information about FTTH and discover what fiber broadband can do for your community.

Use our tools to understand the financial implications and viability of any FTTH project.


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