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Broadband Communities and Broadband Breakfast Invite You to a Quick Guide to Digital Infrastructure Investment for the 2020s Mini-Summit Webinar

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT



Join Drew Clark, Editor and Publisher of Broadband Breakfast, for a preview of the half-day Digital Infrastructure Investment mini-conference he'll offer at the Broadband Communities Summit in August.

Stakeholders in the broadband community won't want to miss this opportunity to focus on the digital infrastructure and investment profile of the assets, including fiber, small cell and data-center, required to support a 21st century information economy.

Get the latest on such topics as:

Last-Mile Digital Infrastructure: Who's playing the lead role in construction? What entities own digital assets? Who will manage the networks?

Infrastructure Investment Funds: Will broadband infrastructure financing dwindle or accelerate? What have institutional investors been experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic?

Federal Funds and Opportunity Zones: Will the billions coming from the FCC and USDA for rural broadband make a difference? What about the U.S. Treasury's Opportunity Zones for urban projects?

Neutral Host Infrastructure: Will the neutral host infrastructure that's evolved for cellular towers also take over small cells and 5G?


FCC RDOF Planning: Five Steps To Network Deployment Success

Thursday, June 11, 2020
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT


The FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) presents a unique opportunity to build the infrastructure desperately needed to connect under-served communities across rural America. For regional operators and cooperatives, the stakes are higher and more competitive than ever, and success in the auction relies on your ability to deploy networks that will stand the test of time for your members at the lowest possible bid.

Identifying the optimal build strategy, partner ecosystem and technology utilization for efficient network construction will ensure your application is well-positioned to benefit from the $20.4B funds available.

In this session, Render’s CEO, Sam Pratt and co-founder, Dan Flemming, cover key considerations and criteria for the deployment component of your RDOF application, including:

  • Determining the optimal build strategy for quality networks and efficient delivery
  • Scoping your project and budget models
  • Selecting the right partners and technologies
  • Setting delivery obligations, milestones and success metrics
  • How to strengthen your bid with a data-driven approach to deployment

Broadband Communities’ third of the series of webinars on how MDU providers and property owners are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic scheduled. Here is the third to make sure you are registered for:

COVID-19 and Multifamily: Connectivity, Trends and Market Update

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm EDT

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Sponsored by:

The COVID-19 outbreak has placed the apartment industry on the front lines of the nation's response. Our communities have turned into round-the-clock offices, schools and entertainment hubs as 40 million Americans look to comply with stay-at-home orders and protect their families. As the crisis has unfolded our resources have been stretched, networks have been tested and the market shaken. Hear from the National Multifamily Housing Council staff and industry leaders on what's happening in the multifamily market, what COVID has done to how apartment communities operate and how investments in connectivity and partnerships with providers have proven invaluable.

Broadband Communities’ second of the series of webinars on how MDU providers and property owners are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic scheduled. Here is the second to make sure you are registered for:

Tier 2 Providers Update the Audience on Their Approach and Experiences on COVID-19

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

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Sponsored by:

Tier 2 providers report they have seen a surge in internet traffic, particularly in markets that have been "quarantined." It is happening not only in single-family homes, but also in MDUs with their greater concentration of residents, most of them accessing the internet to conduct daily business or submitting homework and engaging with teachers remotely. Like their Tier 1 counterparts, Tier 2 telcos and competitive providers that serve the MDU market have had to make adjustments in network infrastructure to handle this surge in end-user traffic. In this webinar, executives from a group of Tier 2 providers on the front lines will update us on their strategies for handling the COVID-19 pandemic and to discuss such issues as:

  • The importance of broadband for MDU customers
  • Broadband usage patterns
  • How providers are preparing their networks to deal with higher usage
  • How to support a surge in telecommunting and distance learning

Broadband Communities is launching a series of webinars on how MDU providers and property owners are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the first to make sure you are registered for:

Tier 1 Providers Update Us On How They Are Handling The COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

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Sponsored by:

In this webinar, Tier 1 providers will update us on how they are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. This is part of a three-part series of webinars on how MDU providers and property owners are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. During the webinar we will discuss the following issues:

  • Service provider strategies
  • Broadband usage patterns
  • The importance of broadband for MDU customers
  • How to support a surge in telecommuting and distance learning

Building a Case for Efficient Network Deployment: How to Connect More Customers Within a Given Funding Allocation

August 21, 2019
Sponsored by Render Networks

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With the expected demand for 5G and significant investment in rural broadband comes the need to build fiber networks and supporting infrastructure faster and more efficiently than ever before.

For network and utility owners and construction teams, it's never been more important to build a business case focused on doing more with less and embracing technology to deploy today's network at the required velocity while reducing margins, risk and construction costs.

In this webinar, Render's Dan Flemming, Co-founder, and Sam Pratt, CEO, will introduce practical examples of how to upgrade or build your network more efficiently, including:

  • The role of technology & digital workflows in reducing construction duration and cost
  • Project ROI and value benefits scenarios with varying project sizes and considerations
  • Case study: How an electric cooperative in rural AR is delivering a 5,000-mile fiber network 55% ahead of schedule with a digital approach to network deployment

We have built a project value calculator that will be released as a CTA to support this session so look forward to traction both pre- and post-webinar.

How to Plan For a Successful, Data-Driven and Collaborative FTTx Project

August 27, 2019
Sponsored by Biarri

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The success of any fiber project is reliant on an objective and data-driven plan that can be collaborated on and efficiently pushed towards construction.

Given that, how can we as an industry become objective in our decision making? How can we better align to key funding requirements? How can we provide network builders with estimates that they can put trust in, that are based on more than the latest architectural trends, marketing hype or what an equipment vendor is suggesting?

The answer? A digitally driven, automated network design approach.

This webinar, presented by Patrick Edwards, customer experience manager for FOND, Biarri Networks, is focused on exploring the speed, accuracy, and collaborative benefits of automated network design for network planning. Beyond genuine tips for getting started, you will learn what a few innovative organizations are doing, and the results they are achieving.



The Road to 5G: X-RAN / X-Haul Specifications Test Specifications and Field Use Cases

June 27, 2019
Sponsored by Anritsu

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In the second installment of the Road to 5G Webinar presentation, Anritsu presents the industry specifications and standards impacting the rollout of 5G X-RAN / X-Haul Field deployment. Real-world use cases, field Installation and maintenance measurements and challenges will be also be discussed.

The Road to 5G: An introduction into Fiber Optic Fundamentals, Transport and Testing Requirements

April 30, 2019
Sponsored by Anritsu

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As wireless and wireline networks prepare for the evolution to 5G supported networks, Fiber optical network technicians and administrators face new challenges in implementing and testing wireline equipment and fiber. From Fiber testing, to CPRI and Ethernet traffic generation, this brief presentation will provide a basic overview of the latest technology and new test methodologies developed to tackle the increased requirements presented by 5G Networks.

In this interactive webinar, Daniel Gonzalez Senior Business Development Manager, Anritsu Company will address new testing methods required to ensure the quality and stability of emerging 5G wireless networks.

“The webinars are always very informative and extremely useful.”
– Joesph Finn, Verizon

Digital Network Construction: A technology-enabled solution to the complexities of large-scale network deployment

February 12, 2019
Sponsored by Render Networks


Traditional network design and construction management methods are struggling to keep pace with today’s large-scale network deployments that are increasingly more complex and distributed by nature. Despite the millions of tasks required, most of the deep fiber needed by 2025 is being delivered with traditional methods that rely heavily on manual processes, labor-intensive handoffs and little to no automation.

In this interactive webinar, Dan Flemming, Co-Founder, & Sam Pratt, CEO, Render Networks, explore key principles of a Digital Network Construction approach for network owners and builders, including;

  • How today’s technology & digital workflows can vastly reduce construction durations and costs
  • Importance of a task-based approach to drive world-class outcomes & project efficiencies
  • Recent US examples where efficiencies of over 50% vs traditional approaches have been realized

"The webinar was very informative and was very inspirational, regarding the value of broadband services and economic development capability."
– Mark Boxer, Applications Engineering, OFS

Qualifying and Bidding in the FCC´s CAF II Reverse Auction

February 14, 2018
Sponsored by Keller and Heckman LLP


Get ready for a once in a decade opportunity, the Connect America Fund Phase II auction. The reverse auction is open to established service providers and new entrants.

It is designed to efficiently distribute financial support to firms willing to offer fixed broadband and voice services to residential and small business customers in unserved rural communities. Up to $200 million per year for 10 years will be made available to winners. The FCC is due to formally adopt on 30 January the key dates, financial and technical showings, and bidding procedures. This free webinar will guide attendees through the technical and financial details prospective bidders must meet to qualify. It will review the mechanics of the reverse auction, identify the eligible service areas, and outline network buildout, pricing, and service obligations for winning bidders.

"Good to hear about successful deployment in small density rural areas. Thanks!"
– John Paul, CEO, Spiral Internet

Invisible OSP Fiber Infrastructure for the “Not in my Backyard” Communities

October 3, 2017
Sponsored by CommScope


Municipalities and service providers understand the importance of FTTH for a city’s development. But the options for installing fiber can vary greatly with population density, local government needs, and other factors.

Challenges such as right-of-way and construction permits, coupled with public demand for more aesthetically pleasing equipment, can add complexity and cost to a deployment. So network planners are considering more ways to deploy buried network architectures. This free, interactive presentation will explore the latest tricks for underground fiber deployments, and network technologies that are helping to simplify and speed construction, while satisfying the “not in my backyard” demands of today’s communities.

"It was great. I appreciated the financial information from providers, which I think goes beyond the scope of economic development. Highly relevant to where our project is at right now."
– Monica Webb, Chair, WiredWest

Webinar for Consultants and Executives: When and how to use wireless multi-gig mm wave

September 14, 2016
Sponsored by Siklu


Adding millimeter wave wireless to your ultra-broadband toolbox makes it faster and easier to build the network your customers crave. From connecting multiple dwelling unit buildings to meeting the last mile challenge to densifying an existing citywide fiber network, millimeter wave wireless can lower deployment costs and time to market. This interactive technical webinar concentrates on how to use wireless, and how to avoid misusing it. Bring your questions and get ready to add this powerful, flexible multitool to your kit. Take advantage of SIKLU's equipment financing plans and pilot program, too.

"This was an excellent forum to keep everyone connected in this national effort."
– Brian Foley, VP Sales Americas, i3 America

Rural Communities Can Get A Gigabit, Too

July 12, 2016
Sponsored by Siklu


Bringing Multi Gigabit To Rural Communities

Is your community still waiting for broadband? Do you have a particularly hard-to-service corner in your fiber footprint? Need to deploy quickly to earn revenue or attract economic development? Learn how modern, millimeter band, Ethernet-ready fiber-like wireless technology can bring reliable 2 Gbps speeds to almost any rural community. The wireless links can co-exist in the same network with fiber and DOCSIS 3.1. Deployment cost is low enough so that when fiber makes sense, the wireless link can become a seamless backup. Siklu’s new EH-2500 family of extremely easy-to-deploy wireless bridges with increased transmit power, the industry’s highest system gain, and wide operation channels is particularly effective when longer distances need to be covered; it delivers reliable full-duplex multi-gigabit services over distances as long as 10 miles. Register now for this free Broadband Communities Webinar.

"This webinar was very informative. It was great to hear from folks all over the country."
– James McDearmon, General Manager, NDEC Corp.

Fiber-Like Wireless

March 1, 2016
Sponsored by Siklu


Inexpensive, reliable and easy-to-install gigabit V and E band wireless equipment has touched off a mini-boom in serving residential and business customers up to 2 miles from a fiber trunk. This approach improves the business case for FTTH and is cheap enough to temporarily extend or fill in gaps in fiber deployments, and can be left in place as a backup when fiber is installed. Join Boris Maysel of SIKLU and Steve Ross of Broadband Communities for an understandable, interactive business-case deep dive into millimeter wave deployments in San Francisco. SIKLU had deployed about a third of these devices worldwide.

"I found the seminar to be very thorough, not the usual pabulum that one gets fed by 'so-called' experts. These people brought 'real world' expertise and sound advice."
– Bruce W. Cooper, Director – Government Relations & Administration, NOW Wireless, LLC

Rural Financial Analyzer Web Tutorial


You may be able to afford FTTH, even in a rural community. The National Broadband Plan calculates rural builds as vastly more expensive than deployments in suburban or urban settings. But that’s because the NBP model assumes that all drops will be built during initial deployment, and that the initial take rate will be 30% or less. But RVA data suggests that rural take rates are far higher than the national average – and that the national average for FTTH is 50%! Tool #3 disaggregates the costs so you can decide how much effort you will put into readying each premises passed, to become a paying customer.

"Excellent Presentation and Content! The speakers are outstanding for their comprehension of the issues!"
– Debra Dupee, President, Advanced TechSolutions

MDU Financial Analyzer Web Tutorial


Can you make a profit by serving apartment buildings, condos, cooperatives, and planned unit developments with high-bandwidth systems? Private Cable Operators do it. Tier 3 ILECs do it – often as CLECs. Real estate developers and MSOs around college campuses do it. High-end “amenity providers” do it. And of course RBOCs do it – although they hardly need our help.

This analyzer hits the issues most relevant today:

  • Justifying the inside plant’s capital cost with new revenue and new ways to use the network to replace other building systems like security.
  • New deployment technology
  • Reducing churn
  • Picking the best properties to add broadband

“Excellent data and FTTH trend information!”
– Jim Hickle, President, Velocity Telephone, Inc.

Broadband Communities’ New Interactive FTTH Tool


Is fiber to the home economically feasible for your proposed network build or expansion? Before you hire a consultant, test your ideas free! Broadband Communities has a new interactive tool, free for downloading. The spreadsheet allows you to try various scenarios over time spans as long as four years, both for construction and operating costs and for possible revenues. The tool is particularly sensitive to choices you might be able to make in logistics and construction pace, taking into account today's high cost of capital for network projects. And it enumerates today's expanded choices and opportunities for revenue -- items like smart grid, work-at-home enhancements, VPNs and more -- all outside the "triple play" of voice, linear video and data. We're introducing the tool with this interactive webinar explaining how to use it. We'll then post the tool itself with the webinar playback and a detailed slide show to guide you, step-by-step.

And watch for more tools (and webinars) over the coming weeks -- one that delves more deeply into rural builds, and one specifically for MDU opportunities. We're helping you to build... Broadband Communities.

“As usual, BBP Magazine provides good information and has their finger on the pulse of the FTTx community.”
– Kris Ward, Business Development Manager, ATMC

The Advantages of Fiber for Economic Development


Learn how GVTC, a Texas telephone cooperative, has leveraged fiber broadband to drive business and foster economic development in an upscale South Texas community. In this webinar, GVTC experts will address how its high-speed fiber optic network has provided advantages in competition with neighboring communities for new businesses and in retaining existing employers. GVTC will also discuss how the local county economic development council is showcasing reliable high-speed fiber broadband as a key asset for attracting and retaining clean industries. There will be a Q&A session.

“Very informative. Good quality research data.”
– Hamsini Subramanian, Market Research, Roxtec Inc.

New Business Cases for Municipal Fiber Financing


Is your community disadvantaged with an overpriced and under-performing network infrastructure because incumbents can’t make the business case for upgrades? Tired of a “second rate” network that doesn't allow you to attract business, promote growth and improve the quality of life within your community? Join us for a critical and timely webinar that addresses the many aspects of municipal broadband financing strategies. Hear from two broadband champions of “digital cities” on how they have raised the bar within their communities by deploying fiber networks.

“It was an excellent presentation; clear and to the point. Very fine use of graphics to demonstrate trends.”
– Bob Woog, Chairman, i2

A Sneak Peek at the Broadband Properties Summit!


Learn how broadband and the 2011 Broadband Properties Summit are relevant to the nation’s important priority of economic growth and recovery. Find out how to take advantage of the economic upswing in your area!

Advanced Broadband at the End of its First Decade: Where We Are, Where We Are Going


Webinar presented by President and Leading FTTH Research, Michael Render. The event was moderated by Steven S. Ross, corporate editor of Broadband Properties Magazine.



Webinar presented by Jay Ovittore, Co-Director of Communities United for Broadband, and moderated by Jim Baller, considered to be the “nation’s most experienced and knowledgeable attorney on public broadband matters.” View the event recording to hear representatives’ opinions from 4 out of the 10 cities who applied for the Google Fiber Initiative.

Broadband’s Impact on Economic Development: The Real Deal


Webinar presented by industry analyst and broadband business expert Craig Settles. View the event recording to hear about tips, recommendations and tactics you can put to work now.

12 Steps to Move Broadband From Ideas to Execution

6-Part Broadband Strategy Webinar Series Archive


Webinar presented by industry analyst and broadband business expert Craig Settles. View the event recording to hear about tips, recommendations and tactics you can put to work now.

7 Ways to Make the Needs Assessment Pay Dividends

6-Part Broadband Strategy Webinar Series Archive


A broadband needs-assessment spells the difference between success or failure reaching your project's economic development, financial and political objectives. Learn how to execute an effective assessment of your stakeholders.

Finding the Right Business Model for Community Broadband

6-Part Broadband Strategy Webinar Series Archive


No single business model is right for all communities. This session explores models that have worked for communities, and provides guidelines to help you develop the model that best meets your community's needs.

Show Me the Money: Financing in Rough Economic Times

6-Part Broadband Strategy Webinar Series Archive


Building and operating a broadband network that meets your stakeholders' needs demands money. You have to raise it, your network has to generate it. Learn creative ways to do both.

You Can Never Have Too Many Partners in Broadband

6-Part Broadband Strategy Webinar Series Archive


Before, during and after the launch of your broadband projects, the right partners contribute significantly to your success. Here are lessons to help you create the best partnerships while avoiding bad relationships.

When Broadband Becomes Political: 10-Point Survival Guide

6-Part Broadband Strategy Webinar Series Archive


Every community broadband project is an exercise in democracy and a gauntlet of political processes. To succeed, vigilance is everything and readiness is all.


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